Water Access to San Pablo Bay
  From north Richmond to Martinez the only legal access to San
  Pablo Bay is from a small private boat launch in Rodeo.  This
  area is just west of the Waterfront Restaurant.  You can drive
  over a bridge that crosses above the railroad tracks. Small
  boats under 25 feet may be launched from trailers, as can other
  craft such as kayaks.  Because this facility is essentially
  unknown, one sees few small craft along the Hercules
  shoreline.  The harbor master is Mel Decker and his telephone
  number is 510-691-6890.   There is an annual access fee of
  $50. Please call Mr. Decker for additional information and an

  The only place in Hercules where it is legal to cross the
  shoreline railroad tracks is at the most northern edge of the city
  near Lone Tree Point. People fish here and there is a small
  sandy beach.  A trail leads here from Lone Tree Point Park in
  Rodeo, from the northern extension of the Bay Trail in Hercules
  and from the end of Regatta Point in Victoria by the Bay.