Recycling Opportunities in Hercules

Aluminum, Glass and Plastic Bottles with California Redemption Value:
  • CRV Center at Lucky's Supermarket- Machines accept CRV bottles and cans, then dispense cash to you.  CRV containers only.


Aluminum, Glass and Plastic Bottles and Cans - all sorts

  • In your blue Richmond Sanitary container.  You may order additional recycle containers for about $3.25 a month.
  • Recycle Center in Rodeo in Safeway Parking lot. Tues-Sat. Easiest way is just to hand them to the attendant and not ask for money by weight.  The latter, however,  is possible.  They accept all non-CRV bottles, cans and broken glass.


  • Home Depot- anytime during business hours,  1625 Sycamore Ave, Hercules (510) 245-9572
  • Rite-Aid  1560 Sycamore Avenue (510) 799-1252
  • Radio Shack- anytime during business hours, 3700 San Pablo Avenue, Hercules (510) 964-1591
  • Friends of the Hercules Library, Hercules Library or Drop-off Box in Lucky’s


Canvas Bags (Alternatives to paper or plastic)
  • Lucky Supermarket 1590 Sycamore Avenue (510) 245 7080
  • Rite Aid sells reusable bags

Computer Equipment:

  • Semi-Annual E-Waste Event -City Sponsored  March  Home Depot (510) 799-8200


Household Items:
  • Goodwill Industries, 605 Parker Avenue, Rodeo (Tax-deductible receipt given)
  • City-wide Garage Sale    each April (Charity Benefit) Maps at City Hall
Medical Waste:
  • Pills, Syrups, Inhalers, Needles  Call 1-888-412-9277 for container
    Drop off Thursdays, Fridays and1st Saturday of the month a 101
    Pittsburg Avenue, Richmond
  • In your blue Richmond Sanitary Container
  • Hercules Middle/High School has ongoing paper drive. 
    Call (510) 231-1429  1900 Refugio Valley Rd, Hercules
Plastic Bags:
  • Lucky Store  North Entrance
Polystyrene (Styrofoam):
  • City is working on a recycling program TBA

Printer Ink Cartridges:

  • Staples in Pinole, 1230 Fitzgerald Drive, Pinole (510) 223 0402


City-Wide Clean Up Day: Drop off discards at H.M.H.S., November 20, 2008
City-sponsored Event, for additional information contact Mindy Niualiku 799-8230

Our City, Our History, Our Environment, Our Future                                          Mural on Sycamore Avenue