Being Aware of Certain Animals and Plants in the Wild
  Black Widow Spiders
  These poisonous insects
  invade any garden, even
  in new developments like VBTB. 
  Always wear gloves when tending
  to your plants.


  Rattlers are found usually
  in locations away from
  people. Be aware of their
  presence when hiking in
  secluded trails.  These
  snakes will always run
  away from you if given the
  chance.  If you want a snake
  removed Jerry & Denice
  Boyer will catch it and pick
  it up for free. Phone 692-7493
  Try not to capture or kill the snake
  by yourself. 

  Great Horned Owls
  In areas of Hercules
  near open spaces or
  state parks, it is best
  not to leave your small dog
  off leash or unattended
  in you back yard.  These
  birds will grasp animals
  weighing up to 10 pounds.


  Mountain Lions
  These magnificent creatures
  are rarely seen, but they
  are present in the East Bay.
  Call 911 for help.  If encountered,
  make yourself look as large and
  scary as possible.  Do not run
  toward or away from the big cat.

  Coyotes live in the grasslands in
  the hills surrounding Hercules.  They
  can present a danger to small pets
  and children.





  These insects live in dry
  grasses.  If one bites you
  or your pet, they burrow
  into the skin.  You must follow
  exact first aid treatment to make
  then voluntarily let go of you.  
  If you are unsure call your
  doctor or stop by a fire station.
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  As with any wild mammal, one
  must avoid being bitten. Do not put your hand
  down its tunnel in the ground. Seek medical
  attention immediately if you are bitten.

  Avoid interaction with any wild mammal, such
  as squirrels and raccoons.


  Gopher Snakes
  These reptiles are often found
  in gardens.  They are not poisonous.  They eat
  mice,  gophers, snails, frogs and slugs. 
  If you encounter one, leave it alone to do its job
  in nature's cycle and rid you of pests.
  Garter snakes are also non-poisonous.
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These  insects have the potential to
  carry the deadly West Nile Virus.
  Remove any standing water near
  your house.  More information.



  Poison Ivy and Poison Oak
Found near wooded areas
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